The industry of virtual gambling is developing at a rapid pace. Every day there are more and more online casinos and bookmaker's offices in the network. It becomes increasingly difficult for players to navigate the flow of information and receive relevant data from trusted sources.

That is why we created the online casino community, where anyone can read honest reviews, ask questions to other participants and communicate with a professional support service.

We are a team of specialists, united by a common goal - to help you not drown in a sea of diverse information and choose the best casino where you can enjoy the game and win money.

About Our Editor in Chief

Only the best of the best work in the online casino team. Each member of the team deserves attention. After all, it is thanks to these people you get up-to-date information about the best gambling sites:

Adela Matthews Stevens

Lead manager and editor-in-chief of our service. She enjoys swimming and playing golf with colleagues and friends on the weekends. She is not married yet, but in a relationship with her fitness trainer and dreams of having a family and a couple of kids;

Lewis Sullivan

Senior Manager. In his spare time, he sets new records for Rubik's Cube speed, watches National Hockey League games, and picks under the hood of his old 1963 Ford Mustang;

Jessica Small Kennedy

Originally from the Canadian province of Quebec. I first learned about online casinos in 2020. Before that, she was involved in politics, sociology, and a little bit of psychology. Now she works in our company as a senior manager;

Cameron Wheeler Butler

He likes horseback riding, reading Chinese philosophers' works, and loves classical music. Extremely friendly and always supportive in difficult situations. Being from Australia, it's not surprising that he has developed arachnophobia;

Crystal Hubbard Wilson

Her parents wanted their daughter to study economics at Cambridge University. But the girl turned out to have her life plans. She is now 27 and holds a senior management position. She earns enough to live on her own and does charity work.

These are just some of the casino group specialists we would like to tell you more about. If you want to know more, contact us in any of the ways listed on the site.

History of

Today no one is surprised that gambling can be played online - on a computer or mobile device. You can find a lot of sites on such topics on the network.

Users trust some sites because they have existed for more than a year. But some resources have been created relatively recently and offer suspiciously favorable conditions.

In 2018, we gathered a team of like-minded people to analyze and summarize online casino information and then share it with users transparently and honestly.

After two years, we started using artificial intelligence algorithms to speed up data processing, then we upgraded the site several times and improved its interface. 

We are expanding, opening new offices in different cities, and providing better customer support.

Our Principles

When we just started our activity, we formed several rules, which we adhere to this day:

  • honesty towards players - we share only verified, objective information, do not impose our opinion, and do not advertise third-party services;
  • following the player's way - to understand which casino deserves your attention, we go through all phases of participation - from registration to withdrawal of winnings. And then, we draw the appropriate conclusions and make the proper ratings;
  • guarantee privacy - we understand that most players do not want to show their personal information online when it comes to gambling. Therefore, our online gambling community works on the principle of anonymity, using abstract nicknames.

Of course, this is not a complete list. If you want to communicate on this topic, learn more, then ask support managers. 

Online Casinos

How We Find The Top Online Casinos

We collect data taking into account dozens of different factors. This allows us to assess the work of virtual gaming platforms objectively. The daily availability of services is checked, as often their activity becomes the reason for blocking from the side of regulating bodies.

Our experts play new slots, roulette, and other games and analyze the ease of operation, visual and sound effects, and adaptability to the screens of mobile devices.

We check the payment methods, calculate the commission amount, ask managers questions, and check their professionalism and the quality of communication with customers.

As a result of all these checks, a set of indicators for each casino is formed. Then the data is entered into an updated rating, which is available to players.

Privacy Policy

Modern encryption methods securely protect users' data in the online casino community. We use SSL certificates when processing all requests. We operate within legal boundaries and are responsible for protecting personal information voluntarily submitted by players via forms on the site.

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